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Get to know the brand

of Benedetta Bruzziches

Increadibly magical, unique, shrouded in mystery, a real jewels, a rare pieces of art. Our discovery of the week are handcrafted exlusive handbags designed by Benedetta Bruzziches.


Adding the extraordinary to everyday life

In the world dominated by mass production, the same or similar-looking handbags, there was one exception. Benedetta Bruzziches and her art. Yes, we say art, as her designs are far away from avarage looking bags. Excepionally different, extravagant and mystic pieces of magic. They have stolen our hearts at the first sight. We can imagine that women who carry them, are a very powerful individuals, like a magnets for all the clever eyes that can read behind the apparence. This true Venus creatures are definitelly much more than just handbags. Please take a while for yourself to discover more of those beautiful art pieces.

Express yourself

If you create seeking the world’s approval, you will end up imitating others. Admiration is something you deserve, not something you can buy. No one is you and this is your power. All you need, is to express truly yourself. Please check ouer highly selected collection of luxury handbags and manifest your femininie uniqueness.

Get inspired

We believe that a purse is something more than just a fashion accessory. It is  an elegant and subtle declaration of intentions that reflects the personality and taste of who it wears. It is a hidden promise of adventure. A gentle expression for having own identity. It is a discreetly confessed obsession, passion and inspiration.



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