She Luxury - Who is She
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Who is She

She. Alpha female. Successful, distinguished, demanding, with a refined taste, enjoying posh lifestyle on the highest level. Choosing only the very best, looking for something extraordinary and unique. She is the winner who thinks outside the box. Ready to break the patterns and follow her own path. Ready for a new challenge. Eager for an unforgettable adventure and new life changing experience.

She, a very rare mixture of beauty, strong character and sarcastic sense of humour. Highly intelligent. Highly selective. Highly addictive. Picky and cheeky. Immaculately presented, perfectly shaped, charming, passionate, seductive. Always smiling, happy, chatty, life loving, adventure hungry. Travelling. Packing suitcases. Ready to go and ready to be taken away. Always waiting for something, someone. Flying somewhere. Appearing and disappearing. Citizen of the world. Free spirited hedonist. Down to earth realist but illusionist. Paradoxical labyrinth. Very old soul. Unstoppable. Unpredictable. Innocent perverse angel with so much passion, affection and inspiration to share with. Full of restorative energy, love and friendship on so many levels. Pure obsession. Wild desire. Devilish. Feverish. Mesmerising. Tantalising. Enigmatic. Charismatic. Extravagant. Exuberant. Intoxicating. With mystic light illuminating. Hopelessly poetic art lover, putting reality and existence into question. Dreamer. Thinker. Marveller. Never settled wanderer. Always beginner. Forever lost. Forever wild. Forever child.

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