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Ewelina S.

About me

My name is Ewelina S. and this is my story. I was born in early 80’ties in small city in Poland. From my early age I was very spiritual and gifted with higher intuition and empathy. I was also very eloquent and inspired in writing. As a teenager I could not wait to get out of there and go study to a bigger city. When I did, I had big ambitions and big plans for life, probably like 90% of all twenties. I have double master degree in Economy and Property Valuation and run my own Property Investment Group. Would I study again? Of course yes! Parties were great! But today, the only thing I really remember from my University is a quote, that were written as a graffiti on the back wall of my student accommodation: “Find what you Love and let it kill You!” (Charles Bukowski)

During last 15 years I was changing jobs at least 6 times, travelling around the world, looking for new experiences and for something what really inspires me. Not to mention some other weird activities I was taking on in meantime, that were far below my ambitions and my education. But! What an experience! They will not teach you this in any of world best Universities. I guarantee. Thanks to this, I learned that taking shortcuts and easy ways, may be sometimes the longest and the hardest way you have ever taken. Oh yes. Now I know.  So years were flying by and I was changing my jobs, life plans and ideas. In the blind chase for career, money and luxury lifestyle I landed in USA, then London and Dubai in between. And exactly Dubai has changed my life and my vision of what is really important in life for ever.


In 2016 enjoying the posh lifestyle on one of the most luxury Dubai yacht’s suddenly I had a call with the information about my grandmother’s death. My heart stopped. In a fraction of a second everything lost its meaning. The world most expensive champagne and caviar were nothing compare to my grandma’s home made dumplings. They saying, you never know what you have until you lose it. I never understood better how true these words are. Today I would pay every price to see my grandma again and have her dumplings for a dinner.


I was in Dubai 3 more times. Every time chasing money and luxury, and every time life has turned me back from there in a very dramatic way. The last time I was turned back for good. My mum’s cancer was back and has spread to her brain. I was watching my mum dying for 9 months in 2017. Every single second of her life was of gold. Then I understood how luxury time is. How much would you pay for a day of your mum’s life?


But it was just a beginning of my personal transformation. Year later in 2018, I have spent few weeks in hospital, tied to bed, 3 days in coma after severe viral meningitis. I could not walk, talk and was loosing my seeing. Doctors did not know if I would return to normal and to what extent my brain was damaged. After hearing this diagnosis, I wanted to die immediately rather than to be bedridden for the rest of my life. Then I understood how luxury are the eyes, when you can not see. How luxury are the legs, when you can not walk. And how luxury is the air, when you can not breath. This traumatic experience has for ever changed the meaning of luxury for me. How could I ever chase luxury handbags?


After heavy pharmacological treatment and rehabilitation, I returned to normal. Never was happier yet. Never enjoyed life more. Never been so grateful for everything yet. Never loved my life and everything around me more! I realized, that my time on this planet is very limited and I should use it to the fullest. I wanted do big things. Something what really matters. I reminded myself the quote from 15 years ago: “Find what you love and let it kill you”. Did I found it? No. I realized that my life so far was just a wasting of time. Full of banalities, meaningless things, illusions, blind chases and horrible mistakes. Maybe I had to be shaken to the foundation of my soul to finally get it. To finally understand what really matters and what the real luxury is. Now I see more. I understand more. I feel and appreciate more. Now the world seems to be different to me and I ask myself everyday what could I do to make my life more meaningful. How to use my time to the fullest. How to live deeper. Achieve more. Experience more. Have more alive in life. How to find my real mission? Who is the real me? Who is my higher She?


In 2015 I have bought a domain: www.she.luxury as I thought is such a great domain and I must have it. It looked like “She” wanted be mine too, as the hosting company advert was poping up on my PC screen few times a day. So I bought it. I know. Great reason to buy an expensive domain. Since then I was searching for an idea of what She Luxury could be? So far She was a fashion blog, online shop with luxury handbags and fashion network. None of those resonated with me and She. After all of my personal experiences, life transformation and deep reflections, all I know is that THERE IS NOTHING MORE LUXURY THAN LIFE! So today She Luxury is not another handbag lover and not another fashion bloger. She is my real life mission. The higher purpose and reason. She is asking you questions: What have you been designed for? What is your life path? Who are you and why you here? And it is exactly what my blog will be about. To inspire and empower. Help you understand what SHE, your soul mission is and what the real luxury means.


Who is She inside me? I still do not know. Let’s discover it together.

A little bit of my private life: